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Thanks Morgan!
I am definitely using the “picture-caption” concept more in my writing. Thanks for the tips. I’m about halfway through your book, but it’s such a fun and easy read that I’m re-reading it before I go on to get the full effect and let my brain (and heart) be immersed in all the wonderful information.



Hi Morgan,
I recently purchased your ebook "Strong Songwriting", and would like to say it is one of the most comprehensive, informative, detailed and clearly explained SongWriting books I have ever read! Thank you for the great advice and knowledge you've put into this book, it is a great help.

I will pass on the link to any friends or colleagues that are even remotely interested in songwriting, as your ebook is definitely the one to have. It's great!

I would also like to thank you for your Vocal Tips newsletter which is also full of really helpful information!

Many thanks again and all the best,
Nigel Wheetley


So Morgan,
 I just wanted to say that this book is one of the first books on this subject that I have read that actually gives some practical advice.  Most books that I have read on this subject seem to just have filler to have an excuse to sell a book.  Typically, books on this subject sound like either the writer really isn't able to write songs themselves or they don't want to tell you how to do it either so that you wont give them competition just in case you learn to write well also.

Thank you for writing this book - I think it will help many tell the story that they have been inspired to write but couldn't -- Hey! That could be a song!
Dan Knoch
Hixson, TN


Stop searching!!! Here you have a Clear, Honest and Powerful songwriting Method so realistic and inspiring!!!!   It tell you how does SONGWRITING works!!!  It gives you everything... you must make yourself to put it down!!! It makes me so conscious about what I’m reading, feeling, hearing and writing, it opened my senses with other perspective...  and I love it!!!!
Monna Mossé
EMI music Publishing


I have read about 6 songwriting books, taken lessons from a music teacher for a year, and been to various workshops… But your book, even though I have essentially sped-read most of it, it has been the most helpful by far. I have always felt that my songs were about 80% completed, (good songs but not quite there). I think with just a few ideas from your book, I can notch that up to 100%. The “Killer Bridge” book was worth the price of the package alone. (I never understood a bridge's purpose before) Thanks. There is a song that I was about to put in a demo that I am revising…it has potential… I just didn't know how to unlock it before now.
You were recommended to me by a vocal coach friend who appreciates your vocal tips so she gave me the info about the “Unforgettable” 7 tips for songwriting, and the rest is history.
Blessings to you!!

Diana Fulmer
Riverside, CA


Hi Morgan,
After reading your introduction, I wrote my best song!!

Thank you!
Best regards,
Sue Coleman 


Hi Morgan,
I wanted to let you know I've really been enjoying your book; and I can say that most of the time while I'm reading I've had to stop to go write; so it’s really awesome!

Melanie Griggs
Swannanoa, NC


Hey Morgan,
Your e-book is truly helpful and extremely inspiring. I can't wait til' the next chapter. Well done. I know this is going to improve my songwriting.

Roberto Tamborriello
Quebec, Canada


Hey Morgan,
I am very excited about your book. My position was different than many experienced songwriters.  I write a lot of different styles but never knew how to channel my words into a song. Never had the structure or knowledge to make a good song.  I read your book all the way through in three days and then wrote like crazy with the ideas that I picked up and I am now reading it for the second time.  It has been very helpful and as with any art, I feel like I am going to keep learning from your book, the more my understanding grows.  Thank you so much for jump starting my future career as a songwriter!

April Morley
Arcadia, FL


I've always loved writing songs, and I've always felt like I have great ideas to write about, but not until reading your book did I actually feel like I can turn those good ideas into good songs.  After learning all of the secrets that you have acquired over a lifetime as a professional songwriter, I almost feel like I am the one with all of the experience, its great!  The best part is that none of my friends have to know where I learned all of these secrets; they will all think I was "born with it," shh!
Thank you for sharing,
Tom Payne
San Mateo County, CA


Hi Morgan,
Thanks for such a fantastic book, very inspirational…you read a page and want to go and write a song.

Have a great week,
Teresa Geizer

Queensland, Australia


Hey Morgan,

You seem to insist on me giving you some feedback!  But I am sorry to say that I have not finished my copy quite yet...

Anyway, so far I have read the first chapter and I must admit that I got really inspired. Last night I tried out the writing exercise at the ending of chapter one, which (oddly) led to some surprising results. I was reading you book lying in my bed and heard a screaming cat outside my bedroom window, so naturally I decided to set aside ten minutes to write about cats. After the exercise I literally felt like I could write about anything. Taking in consideration your words on new perspectives and story-writing, I started to write a couple of lines to a song that I haven't been able to finish and the lines just started pouring out. Not just lines to this particular song but lines to three completely new songs too!

The methods you write about are very comprehensive, yet at the same time they are explained in an extremely straightforward manner, which I have not seen in any other songwriting book so far. Most other songwriting books tend to be either too "loving" or too "cold". By "loving" I mean that they get too touchy-feely and lose the subject matter trying to explain how you write a timeless classic. And some books are just too "cold", focusing solely on the business aspect of songwriting. Your book, on the other hand, touches both subjects but does not let itself get carried away in pleasant reveries of true love and big money (not that I despise any of the two, but I think you know what mean). Thank you!

Wait, I take that back... I could thank you for writing the book right now, but that would be unfair to you. You will have to wait until I have finished it (and the others), so that I can thank you in a proper manner and really comprehend what you have given me.

Andreas Rosendal
Odense, Denmark


You're welcome, and yes, it really is much better than most songwriting help books, one of the very best, you are a GREAT communicator!

Wade Cottington
Dallas, TX


Hi Morgan,
Finished the course yesterday.  Great course!  I purchased Strong Songwriting knowing you have the reputation for under-promising and over-delivering.  Pretty refreshing in today's market place.   In my opinion, Strong Songwriting has lived up to the same experience.

It has helped me greatly with lyrics.   I am rewriting most of an album I was ready to start editing and mixing.  I am finding out that the fear of expressing my inner experiences was keeping my writing superficial.  When I can transfer a personal experience by way of a character(s) and story this fear starts to go away.  The visual approach unlocks true emotions.  All this moves me, as a writer, with more genuine confidence when I am writing.

Thanks for a great course!  Hope to send samples in the near future.
Best Regards,
Greg J. Lingus

Colorado Springs, CO


Hi Morgan,
Your book is wonderful!  Easy to read and follow - it was written like you were there talking to me! 
There is so much information in this book I find useful (or will use in the future) and it's a good re-motivater (is that a word:)) because sometimes all we need is a little reassurance to get back on track. 

Great tips on perfoming and getting to publishing companies! 

Thank you for the part about “Mr. Ed”....I think many of my problems completing something and actually being able to perform my songs in front of others is my own Mr. Ed and I am my worst enemy.  People have told me my whole life I have a great voice and why am I so shy or scared and it helped to know I'm not the only one who goes through these emotions. 

I haven't had a chance to write more than a couple of lines lately but I can't wait to get back to it.  Like you said, I just need to make time to do it!

Thanks again!  I'm sure you will have great success with this book.
 Best Regards,
Angie Davis

Avondale, AZ